What’s Our Mission?

Improving operative workflow and patient outcomes

Hospital Operating Rooms have just reached a tipping point! A majority of high quality centers have laparoscopic towers & robots with NIR vision capabilities in their existing cameras, however, today's surgical tools and instruments still have not been updated to leverage this technology.  Endolumik is the first company to integrate this technology into the esophagogastric space and our medical device is engineered to help in making  procedures safer, more efficient, and less costly. Our product has the potential to dramatically improve the current standard of care and our team is working hard to fulfill our mission to illuminate the potential of minimally invasive surgical devices.

Fluorescent medical devices help surgeons visualize complex anatomy.  The future of fluorescence-guided surgery is in medical devices.”
Paula Jaye Doyle, M.D.

How We Started

Patent-Pending since March 31st, 2020

The idea behind Endolumik came to Dr. Szoka as she performed hundreds of bariatric surgeries at West Virginia University hospital.  With the support of the WVU Office of Technology Transfer, Dr. Szoka filed a patent, created a prototype, and Endolumik was born.  The patent rights for the Endolumik technology are owned by WVU, and exclusively licensed to Endolumik, Inc.

About Our Team

Harmonizing Surgical & Entrepreneurial Expertise

Mara McFadden

Chief Executive Officer

Mara has a long track record of engineering, launching, and managing successful medical device products and business units. Throughout her career, she has worked for several notable companies including Johnson & Johnson and Philips Healthcare, in addition to accruing six years of startup experience.

Dr. Nova Szoka

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Nova Szoka, MD, FACS, FASMBS is a high-volume Bariatric Surgeon at the West Virginia University Department of Surgery. She has performed over 1,000 bariatric operations at the WVU Bariatric Program, an accredited MBSAQIP Center of Excellence.

Our Supporters

The key contributors to Endolumik’s success

Endolumik is open to sponsor research grants with the right strategic partners.  However, grant budgets cannot include: indirect costs, administrative costs, travel, publications costs, or capital equipment, etc.